Document Management 101

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Where did I save that file?  Or worse, where did my co-worker, who is on vacation at the worst time, save that file?  What about that Right To Know request for all documents concerning a particular contractor?  Why are there five different copies of the same file saved in different folders?  The auditors want to know who has been accessing these files, do we have audit logs?

These are just some of the possible scenarios that can be resolved with a good Document Management system.

If you have ever searched entire network shares looking for a document, or for documents containing keywords, you know how frustrating and time-consuming that can be.  Managing files on network shares also involves day-to-day decisions involving where to save files, how they should be named, etc.  The more individuals involved in that process, the more chaotic it becomes.

The core functions of any document management system are storage and retrieval.  Most systems add additional features such as audit tracking, version history, and security.

3ecDOCS is a cloud-based document management system offered by 3rd Element Consulting that combines all of these features and much more.  Full text searching makes file retrieval as simple as typing any keywords that might lead you to the document.  Results are displayed instantly as you type, allowing you to find what you are looking for and fine-tune your searches in a small fraction of the time it would take with traditional file storage.  Workflow and digital signatures allow you to manage the distribution and flow of documents in your organization.

Every user of the system gets access to 50G of cloud storage for as little as $10/mo.  Organizations with multiple users have a combined storage total across all users, creating the possibility of a complete off-site archival system.

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