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3rd Element is a woman-owned Managed IT Service Provider.  Since 2006, we have been providing rock-solid IT solutions.  Not only can we support your business today, but also help you grow and mature your business.  3rd Element helps you overcome obstacles, showing you how to evolve your business with modern technology.  We are empowerment specialists.  We give you the tools and the help you need to make faster, smarter, and more agile business decisions.

What We Do

The staff at 3rd Element will help build a plan to align your business strategy to your IT.  Then, integrate that plan into your existing infrastructure and maintain it to keep you running smoothly.  Many of our clients are First Responders, so we know a thing or two about networks that can’t have downtime.  Whether you’re in need of cloud solutions, managed IT, a more agile mobile workforce, cyber security, VoIP, or disaster recovery and business continuity,  3rd Element can help you Consider IT Solved.

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Dawn Sizer - 3rd Element Consulting - CEO

Company History

After being discriminated against and harassed at other IT firms, Dawn, our CEO, finally had enough.  She formed 3rd Element with Dave, our COO.  3rd Element was created in 2005, as a subsidiary of a local physical security group.  As more physical security was going to IT based products, security installers and the facilities folks didn’t know how to interface with IT.  We as IT experts became the 3rd element in all of the security projects.  In just under a year, we became our own corporation, moved into our own offices, and hired employees.

In the last decade, we have moved three times, landing in Old Town Mechanicsburg.  The oldest residence there came up for sale, and we bought it.  We took what was once a dry goods store, then a mansion house as it was added on to and turned it into a high tech office.  In the last year, we’ve won a number of industry awards, doubled in size, and are poised to do so again by the end of 2020.

Company Overview

3rd Element Consulting is a woman-owned, Corporation. We are a Managed IT Service Provider.  So what makes us different?  We are an awesome little company backed by big awesome companies like Microsoft, Datto, GreenLink, and Synnex.  For more than a decade we’ve worked with Law enforcement and first responders.  Their IT has to work, lives can hang in the balance.  We solved it for them, and we can solve it for your business.  The businesses that work with us Consider IT Solved. 

Our Mission

3rd Element was created by two dedicated IT professionals who were tired of the status quo of other IT companies.  Their vision was to create a place that didn’t discriminate and could accommodate employees of different backgrounds and abilities.   So, they did it.

Each day we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients by forming long term relationships with them built on honesty, integrity, and fun.  Our team makes what’s important to you, important to us.  That understanding helps embrace and drive change, making us and you a leader in your market space.

Our Team

Our core team of IT professionals is Dawn Sizer, David Sizer, Jason Perlman, and Isaac Beitler rounds us out in account management.  You’ll see other friendly faces around the office, including Pilot, our Director of Barketing.

Products and Services

More than 85% of your business depends on technology hardware, software, and services.  Without the great relationships we have with our partners, we wouldn’t be able to support our clients.  From The Ascii Group to GreenLink Networks to Webroot and everyone in between, we depend on our partners.  The knowledge, expertise, training, and certifications we hold keep us consistently ahead of the curve.

Official 3rd Element Consulting Borker
Dawn Sizer - 3rd Element Consulting - CEO

Dawn R. Sizer


Born during a snow storm amidst thunder and lightning, Dawn was destined to be a disruptor. Her career in Information Technology started in 1995 and culminated in 2005 with the formation of her own MSP, 3rd Element Consulting. During that time, she led her clients to numerous Governor’s Awards for Excellence in IT. She also helped clients procure grants for law enforcement data sharing. Currently, she speaks at professional organizations, universities, for webinars and podcasts about technology and security topics throughout the year. Dawn holds an MBA in IT, as well as a long string of industry standard certifications.

In her free time she volunteers as a Rotarian with the Mechanicsburg North Rotary club and serves on their board. She is also an Advisory Board member with The Channel Company for XChange. Dawn has been married for more than 20 years to her husband and partner in everything. They have two boys and a fuzzy-eared doggo named Pilot.

Organization Communication

David Sizer

Chief Technology Officer

Dave started his career in technology in 1991 building custom computers for clients. By 1994, he had taken on the role of network engineer. Today he oversees operations at 3rd Element Consulting, the MSP he helped launch in 2005. In his role as CIO for our client base, he helps lead and design the IT goals for dozens of organizations.

Dave holds a long list of industry standard certifications and holds a bachelor’s degree in IT from WGU.

In his free time, Dave is an avid gamer, enjoys fine wine and good whiskey, and volunteers as a Rotarian with the Mechanicsburg North Rotary Club. Dave has been married more than 20 years to the love of his life, has two fantastic children, and a goofy fuzzy-eared dog who comes to work with him every day.


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With Partners Like The Ascii Group to Zebra And All The Partners In Between, We’ve Built A Solid Team




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